Let's Work Together

25th Hour is always looking to partner with vendors, independent contractors, individuals, and interns to offer quality service to our clients.



25th Hour looks forward to partnering with Fort Wayne businesses to offer our residents and visitors a quality experience.  Ask us about our referral services.


Independent Workers

25th Hour wants to work with individuals who offer expert, coordinated services on your own time.  Take a look around Services and let us know in which jobs you might be interested.  Create your own flexible schedule now!


Independent Contractors

25th Hour is always looking to work with local, hardworking independent contractors to provide timely, quality services to our clients.  We use independent contractors for a variety of services.



25th Hour offers students paid-with-experience internships in operations management, customer service, and major-specific experience (information technology, companion care, etc.).

Next Steps...

Please contact us if you are interested in working together to provide quality services and experiences to our Fort Wayne residents and visitors.