why hire out?

Why you should & When you Shouldn't

The Super Short List

Let's Count the Reasons Together

Why you Should

  1. Can’t do it yourself
  2. Don’t have time to do it
  3. Don’t want to do it
  4. Demand is uncertain
  5. Save $ on employee expenses
  6. Minimize exposure to lawsuits
  7. Increase flexibility with budget, staffing, priorities, and resources

When you shouldn't

  1. Want to do it yourself
  2. Prefer to have an employee
  3. Want to manage how work is done
  4. Looking for a longer-term solution
What is your reason?
And, can we add it to our list?

There are other reasons to hire an independent agency, but let’s focus on a couple of the common, already mentioned reasons.  “You can’t do it yourself.”  This not uncommon, especially when you consider everything that it takes to run a business.  This was something I learned when starting out.  Nobody came right out and said, “YOU CAN’T DO EVERYTHING.”  And honestly, I probably would have said, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

There are two elements to not being able to do it yourself –

                First, you have to know that there are things that you won’t be able to do yourself; and
                Second, you have to be okay with not doing these things.

I can build a website, but I can’t set up a 401K.  I can setup a CRM, but I can’t do accounting…even with software it turns out.  I’m okay with that now, but when I was just starting out…let’s just say mistakes were made😉

don't forget about money

Yes, you can save money!

Let’s talk about saving money for a minute.  Hiring out can mean saving money on overhead expenses such as office space and utilities, equipment, programs, and supplies.<br>

Don’t forget, you also will not be paying for wasted time!

Another way to save you ask.

Sometimes it is about the benjamins…

Base Salary
+ Benefits
$7,500 to $12,000
+ Social Security and Medicare Taxes
+ Federal Unemployment Tax
+ State Unemployment Tax
= For a Total of...

employee costs at a glance

cost of hiring

Did you know that it can cost up to 50% above the base salary to employee a person?  The lower end of employing looks like this.

what can we do together?

Let's Solve Real Problems


Let's start by telling us about your project or business goals.

We will work together to offer a strategic plan. 


Our team shares the plan of attack and works with you to modify accordingly.

We love collaboration!


Once we are agreed on the plan of attack, it is time to get to work.

Are you ready?

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